Red Ribbon Heart Health & Primary Care


Statistics show that more women die each year of cardiovascular disease than all other causes of death combined. That is more than 500,000 women in the United States each year!

Research and clinical outcomes show that these deaths are largely preventable.

We currently offer cancer and mammogram screenings for early detection, so it just makes sense that we also offer early detection and prevention of heart disease -our #1 KILLER of women! 

Our experienced provider, Stacey Mott MSN, FNP-BC, will employ proven methods of risk stratification including family history and specialized lipid and inflammatory testing to provide an individualized prevention plan. This plan may include education, diet and lifestyle changes, prescription medications, or more extensive cardiac evaluation and diagnostic testing. Prompt follow-up with cardiology will be coordinated as needed.

Stacey has worked in the Jackson area as a Registered Nurse since 1994. Since completing her training as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2010, she has practiced in family medicine and cardiology. As a graduate of the Bale-Doneen Preceptorship, she specializes in preventative care for those at high risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic disease management. She is also available for the primary care needs of the Woman's Clinic patients who do not have a separate, established primary care provider.

Most women only make one visit to the doctor per year and we strive to make this visit as convenient and comprehensive as possible.This is part of fulfilling the Woman's Clinic mission to provide the best in quality medical care combined with compassionate concern for the patient as an individual…ONE WOMAN AT A TIME!


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