Tricks to Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, one constantly changing or being affected by the world around us.  Did you know that skin makes up over a tenth of an average adult’s body weight?  Or that shed skin cells make up the majority of the dust in people’s homes?  Skin is our internal organs’ barrier from the outside world.  We mark our aging by its wrinkles and our lifetimes by its scars.  We humans shed off a new layer of skin every four weeks or so, mostly without noticing, considering, or commenting on it.  For such an important part of our bodies (it protects us from, literally, everything), many people don’t think very much about their skin at all.  However, it is vital to consider things you can do to protect this massive, vital organ. 

Face - Upclose.jpeg

Here are some tips to help you keep your skin healthy: 

  1. Avoid Your Vices -- Number one on most health care lists, we imagine, but it cannot be stated enough:  if you smoke, you should stop.  If you drink, do so in moderation.  Both alcohol and smoking can cause skin to begin aging prematurely, causing early wrinkles and dryness (this is in addition to the host of other problems that come along with them, of course).

  2. Maintain a Healthy Diet --Some studies have suggested that a diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables might do wonders for the skin, while lots of sugars and carbs were associated closely with premature aging.

  3. Keep It Moist -- It’s important to stay hydrated, as the moisture in skin is what helps it retain its elasticity, so that it can bend, stretch, and reshape itself as its owner requires.  A daily moisturizer is not a bad idea at all, but be cautious with it, as overuse can actually cause your skin to become reliant on such an application in order to hold in moisture. 

  4. Skip the Tan -- I know, I know.  You just love the way that a nice tan looks on you.  However, the UV rays that cause that bronze sheen are heinous enemies of your skin care regiment.  They are linked to wrinkles, thickening of the skin, and even cancers.  If you simply must do something to rid yourself of your paleness, consider investing in a quality self-applied tanner.  They can replicate the visual without replicating the harm done.  If you will be outside in the sun, using a moisturizing sunblock will make your life easier down the line. 

  5. Keep It Clean -- Again, this seems like common sense health care advice, but it is important to focus on keeping your skin clean.  Clearing pores of grime and sweat will help prevent acne marks.  It is recommended that you wash your face at least a few times a day, preferably with a non-abrasive soap option. 

These are just a few little tips to keep your skin healthy.  We also suggest you check out our in-house cosmetic boutique, PCA skin for more information on basic skin care products.  If you are concerned about the effects of aging on your skin, speak to a doctor about what you can do to halt, reverse, or slow down the process. 

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