The hysterectomy, removal of the uterus in whole or part, is the most common surgical procedure for women.  They are an invasive, but useful, medical procedure in battling a host of diseases and problems.  A diverse range of issues from cancer to endometriosis to postpartum complications from pregnancy may be treated with a partial or total hysterectomy.  There are actually several different variations of the procedure of which all women should be aware:

●     Supracervical hysterectomy -- Also known as a “subtotal hysterectomy,” this procedure removes the uterus, but leaves in the cervix in place.

●     Total hysterectomy -- This refers to complete removal of the uterus and cervix.

●     Radical hysterectomy -- In the event that some illness or malignancy has caused more problems surrounding the uterus and cervix, this procedure may be utilized, to remove larger sections the affected area. 

There are certainly different recovery times, and pain levels associated with each of these types of hysterectomy, but on average, you can expect a month or so of recuperation to be be needed following the procedure.    On occasion, a removal of the ovaries (called an oophorectomy) may also be required to treat the problem, which may increase recovery time.


There are a few different types of hysterectomy techniques.  For many years, the only available options were abdominal or vaginal surgeries, both of which are incredibly invasive.  Over the last few years, laparoscopic procedures have advanced with great rapidity.  Now, some hysterectomies, even some complicated ones, can be performed with minimal scarring, far less pain, and less risk of infection.  At the Women’s Clinic, we utilize da Vinci® Surgical System, which you can read more about here.

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