Women and their Healthcare

The ability of people to develop their own, personalized plans for the growth of their family is considered one of the fundamental rights of humanity.  Family planning services include a variety of practices, including fertility services, contraceptive services, pregnancy testing, counseling, STD treatment and education, and prenatal care just to name a few.  Pregnancy, childbirth, contraception, and the like are, fundamentally, issues of health care.  The ability of women to make informed decisions about their own health care is a basic human right, and one not to be taken lightly.


For women who wish to avoid having a child, things are better in our time and place than they have ever been in human history.  Birth control options, once considered a gray area of morality, expanded greatly for women over the course of the 20th century.  Although sexual abstinence is obviously the only 100% effective method of preventing pregnancy, there are a wide variety of options, surgical, ornamental, and chemical, available for sexually active individuals who do not wish to procreate.

For women who may wish to have children but are concerned about their fertility, doctors can offer private counseling to inform them of the reality of their situation and their choices if they wish to conceive (adoption services can also fall in this category, for women who are unable to birth a child due to health or safety issues).   Testing and personalized education can go a long way towards putting these women’s minds at ease and eliminating the unfortunate and ill-considered stigma against women who are unable to conceive naturally.

In the event of sexually transmitted diseases, it is vital that anyone suffering from such seek treatment and take steps to avoid spreading them.  For pregnant women this can be a serious concern, as STDs can oftentimes be passed from the mother to a child in the womb.  In these cases, a doctor’s advice can be crucial in preserving the child’s health and safety.

In point of fact, a doctor’s advice and treatment can be crucial to preserving a child’s health and safety in all cases regarding care during gestation.  Pregnant women have to deal with a whole host of issues that are specific to their individual situations.  Their welfare during pregnancy is as much related to their own medical history and lifestyle factors as to the baseline list of issues that come with growing a human inside of them.

Deciding to have a child is an intensely personal decision for any woman, and should be made by each on her own terms, with regards to her own desires, needs, health, and lifestyle.  In many cases, clinics devoted to family planning are a first foray into their personal health care.  The doctors with whom they deal often become primary care providers for them.

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