A Leading Health Concern

One of the leading health concerns in the United States today is diabetes.  Currently the sixth leading cause of death among adults, diabetes has been becoming more and more prevalent.  A 2017 CDC report suggested that around 10% of our population suffers from diabetes or prediabetes, a condition that can turn into diabetes easily if left unchecked.  Last year the Chicago Sun-Times reported that we are now diagnosing upwards of 25,000 children with the disease annually--for a disease that was long thought to be mostly an adult’s issue. 


There are two types of diabetes.  The first is an autoimmune disease that has always been recognized in children.  Type 1 diabetes, though it can develop at any age, was long known as “juvenile onset diabetes” and is the body’s inability to produce insulin.  Type 1 diabetes requires insulin treatments.  Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, involves the body becoming resistant to its own natural insulin.  Until the past couple of decades, this was observed in adults almost exclusively.  Both types, however, do have a link to unhealthy, fatty diets and sedentary lifestyle choices.  The best preventative methods against diabetes are regular, daily exercise and a varied, healthy diet.  Eliminating junk food from your daily routine can do wonders for your health, as it turns out. 

For women, diabetes can be a particularly thorny issue.  Although they are affected at almost the same rate as men by the percentages, diabetes can cause particular problems in women.  Females are more prone to developing visual impairment or heart disease as a result of their illness.  Their chances of recuperation from a heart attack are less than male patients, and they suffer from a higher rate of depression--this last being particularly difficult to combat at times.  Women are already at a higher risk of depression, and a serious diagnosis can lead to its resurgence.  Depression can also lead people to live less active, and healthy lifestyles--which can then contribute to a risk of diabetes.  In this way, depression can exist as either a cause and/or an effect of the physical illness.

Diabetes prevention and treatment starts, as with all things, at home.  A healthy, balanced diet will go a long way toward keeping the disease at bay when coupled with daily exercise and regular check ups.  The Women’s Clinic, P.A. has been providing quality healthcare to the people of Tennessee for over six decades.  Our mission is to be the clinic of choice for women by providing exceptional and compassionate care for each woman, with personalized attention tailored to all stages of her life.  Our office is located at 244 Coatsland Drive in Jackson, TN.  You can reach us by calling 731-422-4642 or via our website, www.womansclinicpa.com.