Follow Up With - Jesse Rider!

"This site celebrates birth, breastfeeding and bonding--all rights and essentials for mothers and families everywhere. Breastfeeding is the natural, healthy way to ensure human babies receive human milk. Sometimes people have to overcome barriers to accomplish their goals, and we are here to help moms get on track, or enable them to stay on track, by offering support, advice, education and referrals.

We also advocate for the moms who are unable to breastfeed. We understand that the options for breast milk substitutes are limited and often sub-standard. We desire to improve access to human milk and improve the quality of artificial human milk (infant formulas). We strive share evidence-based information in a non-judgmental manner. 

We advocate for the mother's birthing and feeding rights. Our organization strives to share exceptional evidence-based information. The way to change the tide of birthing and breastfeeding in this country is to help moms, one baby at a time. Stay abreast of specials, educational opportunities and calls to action--sign up today."

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Jesse Rider specializes in lactation education. We would like to introduce some materials to make the subject more understandable for individuals that may not be familiar.