InterStim Therapy

"The relief you’ve been waiting for

  • Targets the nerves that control your bladder to help it function normally again
  • 85 percent of people using it achieved success in the first year4
  • 3X greater improvements in quality of life compared to medications5
  • Only therapy that lets you see if it works before you and your doctor decide
  • More than 225,000 patients have received relief as a safe, FDA-approved and minimally invasive Bladder or Bowel Control Therapy

Implanting an InterStim™ system has risks similar to any surgical procedure, including swelling, bruising, bleeding, and infection. Talk with your doctor about ways to minimize these risks.

  • 84% satisfaction among those who use it6
  • 76% of people achieved success at 6 months compared to 49% who used
  • medications5,†
  • The only OAB therapy that provides better relief than medications5,7,8

The most common adverse events experienced during clinical studies included pain at implant sites, new pain, lead migration, infection, technical or device problems, adverse change in bowel or voiding function, and undesirable stimulation or sensations. Any of these may require additional surgery or cause return of symptoms."

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