Lasers Clear Up Skin

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can really bother women – unwanted facial hair, unsightly spider veins, age spots, or skin problems from too much sun.

To better meet its patients’ needs, the Woman’s Clinic is offering laser treatment for a variety of problems that concern women, from that unwanted hair to those aging spots.

“For many women, their gynecologist is their only doctor, so they come here for most of their medical needs,” said Dr. Brad Adkins, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Woman’s Clinic. “Laser treatment is another service we can provide. Many of our patients want these procedures done here because this is where they are comfortable.”

Each of the clinic's lasers treat different problems.

  • The Lyra i (TM) laser is used for the treatment of leg veins, hair removal and non-invasive treatment of deeper wrinkles.
  • The Aura i (TM) laser treats pigmented lesions, non-invasive treatment of deeper wrinkles, and a variety of vascular abnormalities, including acne, rosacea, and spider veins.

Both lasers are FDA approved and safe, Dr. Adkins says. The patient usually has several treatments over the course of a few months to achieve the affect she wants. Patients will first have a consultation visit before scheduling any treatments.

The laser treatment itself is essentially painless; the patient may feel a sharp sensation like being snapped by a rubber band, Dr. Adkins says. “We’ll apply an anesthetic cream beforehand to lessen feeling in the area.”

Unwanted hair growth, for example, is a common problem, Dr. Adkins says. “We see it in older women when they have a lack of estrogen and in some younger women when they have an excess of male androgens.” The old-fashioned ways of shaving, plucking, applying creams or waxing to remove the hair don’t last long. Electrolysis hair removal can be painful. “The laser,” he says, “gives us a better way to provide permanent hair reduction.”

The laser reduces hair growth by releasing energy into the hair follicle to impair that growth. Attracted by dark colors, the laser affects the melanin or color in the hair follicle.

In treating spider veins, the laser vaporizes the water content in the skin, causing the cell walls to collapse and the veins to be dissolved into the body.

“We’re excited,” says Dr. Adkins. “It’s not for all patients, but we know we have a number of patients who want us to offer this.”