Wellness Through Why Weight

Still do not believe that you ought to lose weight because of the benefits to your health? Keep reading to see just how much of an impact losing weight can have on your overall health.

Stroke and heart disease are the top two causes of death and disability in women and men in the USA. People who are overweight are more prone to:

• High Blood Pressure. This is a big risk factor for both stroke and heart disease.
• Elevated blood cholesterol levels and high triglycerides (blood fats). These also can result in heart disease and both are connected to being overweight.
• Angina. Being overweight is also a contributing factor for angina, an issue involving chest pain that is the result of reduced oxygen to the heart.
• Unexpected demise from stroke or heart disease with no prior symptoms.

Lowering your weight by 5-10 percent can reduce your risk of developing heart disease or of having a stroke. Your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, heart function, and blood pressure all will improve.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are both linked to chronic problems that can be life altering and life threatening. People who are overweight have double the chance of developing non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes  than individuals who do not need to lose weight. Lower your odds of developing the disease by reducing your weight and by adding to the amount of physical activity you do. Losing weight and exercising can help to manage blood sugar levels for those with the disease. This could lead to a reduction in the need for medicine.

There are various types of cancer linked with being overweight. For women those cancers consist of cancer of the cervix, ovary, uterus, colon and gallbladder. Men who are overweight have a higher chance of developing cancer of the prostate, colon and rectum. It is not yet known if these increased risks are linked to a high-fat, high-calorie diet or if they are linked to being overweight. The best way to lower the chance of developing the cancers linked to being overweight is to lose weight and to do more physical activities.

Sleep apnea is severe problem linked with being overweight. This condition causes the individual to stop breathing for brief periods of time while they are asleep, and it causes loud snoring. Sleep apnea results in fatigue during the day and can cause heart failure. Weight reduction can lower or eradicate this problem.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder that impacts the joints in the lower back, hips and knees. Excess weight raises the chance of developing this disease because of the increased pressure on the joints. Weight loss can lower the stress and improve the signs of osteoarthritis.

Gout is a disease of the joints brought on by increased levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. This disease is more prevalent in overweight individuals. It is critical to know that certain diets, such as a high protein diet, may bring on gout attacks, so check with your doctor before you go on a weight loss regimen.

Gallbladder disease and gallstones occur more often in overweight people, but the reason for this is not yet known. Quick weight loss increases the risk of developing gallstones, so keep in mind the best way to lose weight is gradually.