Welcome to the Woman's Clinic. First and foremost, we are here to serve you, whether you are here as an expectant mother, for an in clinic procedure or for a yearly check-up, thank you for choosing the Woman's Clinic.

Every person that enters the Woman's Clinic is our guest and it is our desire that our guests feel safe and at ease.  We want each guest to feel that nothing is more important to us than meeting her need each and every time she visits.  I like to say that "Yes, we have world class physicians and staff, but we also have world class guests."

I believe that a woman's health is not just a woman's issue, so husband, dad-to-be, brother or sister-to-be, you are welcome here as well. We have many resources to help you understand what your wife or mother will be doing while in our care.

My commitment is that you will be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve and that we will not be satisfied until every question is answered and every concern alleviated.

From our physicians, our nurses and our staff, thank you for choosing the Woman's Clinic.

Jon Ewing
Chief Operating Officer